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This is Dr. Rob Plummer. At my blog you will find articles and resources that will help you study the Scriptures. One of those resources is my new book 40 Questions About Interpreting the Bible (ISBN: 9780825434983).

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    Deliver us from “evil” or “the evil one”?

    May 7

    When we pray “the Lord’s prayer,” are we asking God to deliver us from “evil” or from “the evil one”? Here’s a short video showing why “Greek matters” in studying the Lord’s prayer:

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  • castaldo

    Talking With Catholics About the Gospel

    May 7

    I’m very grateful for Chris Castaldo’s new helpful book: Talking with Catholics About the Gospel: A Guide for Evangelicals See a video interview with Chris┬áhere.

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  • Capture Greek

    Daily Dose of Greek

    Mar 4

    Please join 5,000 other subsribers by signing up for your free daily 2-minute screencast of New Testament Greek at  

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