9 Marks Book Review of 40 Questions about Interpreting the Bible

May 16

For many people, reading the Bible can feel like getting lost in the woods, rather than taking a pleasant guided tour along a well-marked trail. Thankfully, Robert Plummer’s new book 40 Questions About Interpreting the Bible provides a reliable trail map for understanding and applying all of Scripture.

As the title suggests, this book features forty key questions concerning the topic of biblical interpretation, along with Plummer’s succinct answers. The author helpfully grouped the forty questions into four parts: (1) Getting Started: Text, Canon, and Translation; (2) Approaching the Bible Generally; (3) Approaching Specific Texts; and (4) Issues in Recent Discussion. These four parts of the book are like a series of well-placed information booths positioned along the trail in a national park.

[Read the full review by Jason Meyer at http://www.9marks.org/books/book-review-40-questions-about-interpreting-bible]

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