9 Marks Book Review of Paul’s Understanding of the Church’s Mission

May 18

If there is one thing we all know that God expects of us as Christians, it’s that we ought to share the gospel with those who don’t know Christ. Evangelical Christians are evangelistic. It’s maybe the only thing self-proclaimed evangelicals agree on: God wants us to tell others about Jesus.

Yet think for a moment. Can you give me a text that commands Christians to evangelize the lost? Okay, you got Matthew 28:18-20, but keep your Bible closed and see if you can come up with another. The promise to Abraham to bless the whole world through him doesn’t count. Neither do the worship scenes in Revelation 5 and 7. I want verses that do more than show God’s heart for the nations or his promise to make the nations glad in God. I want texts which show that God’s people should be pursuing the nations with the good news of the gospel.

Keep thinking.

Keep thinking.

[Read Kevin DeYoung's full review at http://www.9marks.org/books/book-review-pauls-understanding-churchs-mission]

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