Discovering the Mission of God

Sep 11

Discovering the Mission of God (IVP) has just been published.  I am honored to have written a chapter entitled “The Power of the Gospel.”

A brief excerpt: “If the gospel is God’s word, then we must reverently and faithfully proclaim it, being careful not to distort it in any way or misrepresent God.  Moreover, if God has ordained that his saving word will triumph as an unstoppable force, we must do everything possible to release that word and then stay out of its way.  That is, we must not do anything that would distract from or compromise that word.  Rather, our lives must faithfully show God’s transformation of our hearts, words, and deeds.  Similarly, as we work in the mission field, our success isn’t measured by the number of professions but by leaving behind persons who ‘hold firmly to the trustworthy message as it has been taught’ (Titus 1:9).  These are the kinds of people who can be entrusted to carry forward the gospel–in areas and ways that nonnative missionaries could never do” (page 167).

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