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May 7

Deliver us from “evil” or “the evil one”?

When we pray “the Lord’s prayer,” are we asking God to deliver us from “evil” or from “the evil one”? Here’s a short video showing why “Greek matters” in studying the Lord’s prayer:

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May 7

Talking With Catholics About the Gospel

I’m very grateful for Chris Castaldo’s new helpful book: Talking with Catholics About the Gospel: A Guide for Evangelicals See a video interview with Chris here.

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Capture Greek
Mar 4

Daily Dose of Greek

Please join 5,000 other subsribers by signing up for your free daily 2-minute screencast of New Testament Greek at  

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expositor's summit
Sep 13

Come join us October 29-31, 2013 on Southern’s campus for the annual preaching conference.  I’ll be doing a break-out session on hermeneutics.  I plan to use a mnemonic method employing seven images that will help preachers remember seven essential interpretive steps as they study a biblical text.

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Latin NT
Mar 8

A Latin-English Verse by Verse Translation

I’m grateful to John Cunyus for producing this very helpful verse-by-verse translation of the Latin New Testament.  As my young daughters grow in their Latin skills, this is a volume which I expect us to visit frequently.

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book cover, plummer and terry
Mar 1

Paul’s Missionary Methods: In His Time and Ours

Reasons I recommend Paul’s Missionary Methods: In His Time and Ours as a helpful book for missions students or missionary practitioners: 1. Rarely do you find a book that effectively brings together the disciplines of biblical studies and missiology as this book does. 2. Contributors to this book are some the best thinkers in their respective fields: Michael Bird, [...]

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Resolute MediumBanner_564x255px
Dec 14

Looking for a conference to fire up your college students for international missions?  Check out Southern Seminary’s Resolute conference (February 15-16).  I’ll be leading a breakout session entitled A Rope-Holding Great Commission-Supporting Anchor at Home.

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Nov 7

Chris Cowan defends dissertation on assurance in Hebrews

Today, I have the privilege of attending Chris Cowan’s oral defense of his dissertation, “‘Confident of Better Things’: Assurance of Salvation in the Letter to the Hebrews.” When looking at the warning passages, Chris (pictured above) persuasively contends for the “means of salvation” approach of Schreiner and Caneday. I taught Chris Elementary Greek more than [...]

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Sep 11

Discovering the Mission of God

Discovering the Mission of God (IVP) has just been published.  I am honored to have written a chapter entitled “The Power of the Gospel.” A brief excerpt: “If the gospel is God’s word, then we must reverently and faithfully proclaim it, being careful not to distort it in any way or misrepresent God.  Moreover, if God has [...]

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book cover, plummer and terry
Jul 18

Paul’s Missionary Methods available on Amazon

  A collection of excellent essays by New Testament scholars and missiologists.  The book should be published in late 2012.  I had the pleasure of editing this work with my former professor, J. Mark Terry.  The book can be purchased pre-publication on Amazon.

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