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Mar 4

Daily Dose of Greek

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expositor's summit
Sep 13

Come join us October 29-31, 2013 on Southern’s campus for the annual preaching conference.  I’ll be doing a break-out session on hermeneutics.  I plan to use a mnemonic method employing seven images that will help preachers remember seven essential interpretive steps as they study a biblical text.

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Latin NT
Mar 8

A Latin-English Verse by Verse Translation

I’m grateful to John Cunyus for producing this very helpful verse-by-verse translation of the Latin New Testament.  As my young daughters grow in their Latin skills, this is a volume which I expect us to visit frequently.

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book cover, plummer and terry
Mar 1

Paul’s Missionary Methods: In His Time and Ours

Reasons I recommend Paul’s Missionary Methods: In His Time and Ours as a helpful book for missions students or missionary practitioners: 1. Rarely do you find a book that effectively brings together the disciplines of biblical studies and missiology as this book does. 2. Contributors to this book are some the best thinkers in their respective fields: Michael Bird, [...]

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Resolute MediumBanner_564x255px
Dec 14

Looking for a conference to fire up your college students for international missions?  Check out Southern Seminary’s Resolute conference (February 15-16).  I’ll be leading a breakout session entitled A Rope-Holding Great Commission-Supporting Anchor at Home.

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Nov 7

Chris Cowan defends dissertation on assurance in Hebrews

Today, I have the privilege of attending Chris Cowan’s oral defense of his dissertation, “‘Confident of Better Things’: Assurance of Salvation in the Letter to the Hebrews.” When looking at the warning passages, Chris (pictured above) persuasively contends for the “means of salvation” approach of Schreiner and Caneday. I taught Chris Elementary Greek more than [...]

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Sep 11

Discovering the Mission of God

Discovering the Mission of God (IVP) has just been published.  I am honored to have written a chapter entitled “The Power of the Gospel.” A brief excerpt: “If the gospel is God’s word, then we must reverently and faithfully proclaim it, being careful not to distort it in any way or misrepresent God.  Moreover, if God has [...]

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book cover, plummer and terry
Jul 18

Paul’s Missionary Methods available on Amazon

  A collection of excellent essays by New Testament scholars and missiologists.  The book should be published in late 2012.  I had the pleasure of editing this work with my former professor, J. Mark Terry.  The book can be purchased pre-publication on Amazon.

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historical theology
Apr 18

May is “Read a Historical Theology text month”

  As a New Testament professor, I find myself enriched by reading in fields outside my expertise. I’ve decided to call this May, “Read a Historical Theology text month.” (Historical Theology is the academic discipline that looks at the development and articulation of Christian doctrine throughout church history.) I’m going to be reading about 30 pages per [...]

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Feb 17

Korean Book Translation Completed!

The Korean translation of 40 Questions About Interpreting the Bible by Dr. Rob Plummer is now available.

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