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expositor's summit
Sep 13

Come join us October 29-31, 2013 on Southern’s campus for the annual preaching conference.  I’ll be doing a break-out session on hermeneutics.  I plan to use a mnemonic method employing seven images that will help preachers remember seven essential interpretive steps as they study a biblical text.

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Apr 25

What is Redemptive-Historical Interpretation?A Layman’s Guide

Listen in on this embellished conversation that I had yesterday with Kyle, a deacon in my church… Rob: I’ve got to work on a short essay for laypersons that explains redemptive historical interpretation. Have you ever heard of that? Kyle: No. Rob: You’ve never heard the term, but you probably would recognize the phenomenon. You [...]

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Dec 17

The Interpreter’s New Clothes

  There once was a man named Mr. Interpreter.  Mr. Interpreter had the privilege of leading the annual parade in Hermeneuville every year.  In doing so, he would wear the regal vestments that  he had inherited from his forbearers:  The mantle of literary context, the cloak of grammatical precision, the shoes of historical knowledge, the [...]

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